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The Uber Cuckold Experiment – 02/25/17

The Uber Cuckold Experiment – 02/25/17

This show features Macron, Ben, InkedGoddess and the first ever live appearance from Motherf*cker Jones himself! We tried a little experiment with placing a Craigslist ad for people to cuckold our wife, with mixed results. We also had some awesome complainers this time focusing on the current Uber debacle and got some amazing reactions, one guy was literally shaking with rage after being insulted by AT&T and Samsung at the same time! There was much more hilarity in the episode too. Huge thanks to Inkedgoddess for helping with the numbers and being an amazing supervisor / cuckolded wife. Thank you to everyone that listened. The big news is we are now aiming for a regular Saturday night time-slot so you guys will have a better chance of catching us live! Stay tuned for more news on that and keep checking for more crazy antics, we have some great stuff coming up for you guys!

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  1. I was thinking it might be funny to call people in California who are commenting for being their own county. Your calling to tell them they have 6 months to acquire a British accent and be proper gentleman and ladies. Since the United Kingdom will be promptly annexing them back once they succeed.

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