Macron Show Prank Calls

Two Rude Dudes – 08/17/18

Two Rude Dudes – 08/17/18

Macron and Chumley are back in action and ruder than ever. This week we start of with some hilarious calls to people who want to barter for things on Craigslist, we hijack some more conferences and basically cause mayhem and we then begin to tap into a whole new well of Internet complainers, more on that soon, and we get some amazing results. Who would have thought that someone would want to barter over a used soda can? Or sell their puppies for animal testing? We also had a guy who was furious with McDonalds about his extended waiting times and did not want to give Macron the magic word and many many more hilarious calls. Thank you as always to the kind people who donated to make this show happen and to everyone who listened live or back on the podcast, we love you all and, as always, we’ll be back with more surprises sooner than you think!

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