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Trump Day – 01/21/17

Trump Day – 01/21/17

Happy Trump Day! Well I just don’t know where to begin with this epic show. To start with I should mention that Macron was suffering from a concussion from an accident a couple of days ago and high on pain killers and somehow still managed to deliver and amazing show. This one features the new Macron Dream Team of Macron, Dr. Charles, Ben and Inkedgoddess. We started things off with a lot of politics and general chat. We officially launched the first ever Macron Show competition to win some amazing prizes. We mainly focused on Twitter complainers getting some great results, particularly from some angry Comcast customers. As those of you who listened live on Mixlr will already know we did accidentally upset a lady with a disabled son over one of our Comcast pranks. We did go to great to lengths to make things right, firstly by admitting it was all a joke and then also offering to buy her son a brand new Playstation game to make up for our hijinx, an offer that still stands. I obviously won’t give out that person’s name but our offer does still stand. If you’d like to contact me at then all the hosts and staff here at the Macron show would love to buy you a new Playstation game to say sorry and would love to have you on the show as a guest one day to do some pranks with us or just to talk, we would truly love to be your friend. Anyone that missed it will have to listen to this show to understand what happened but we hope you will see the funny side. We rounded things off with a few more random calls and even more chatter to end this crazy 6 hour show! Please stay tuned to as we have so much more to come this year. Thank you to all that listened live, donated money and entered the competition, or those listening on the podcast. I love you all very much! – Macron

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  1. Ron, go to Listen to the first 6 minutes of today’s show, he gave out your link on his show this morning Titled Episode 73 – Hello President Trump, Maybe a friendly hello from. You , I was the one who. Left your link on his voicemail I will use his email, just so you know that I am not him ( Phil ) LOL, you are the best Macron, I am glad that you told that lady the truth, it was gust a prank, Do not read on air, For your eyes only. God Bless you and your Family, I am one of your Fans who listen elsewherefOr the record I am not Phil. Maybe you could leave him a Voicemail on his website.* * PLEASE DELETE AFTER YOU READ.

  2. Macron I love you brother but you were way too fucking soft with that old woman and adult son, it would of been cruel to not tell them it was a prank and it was good that you told them but I mean she basically chewed you out for 25 minutes while you kept trying to give them free shit and apologize. Their problems are not yours but anyway you guys are still great. Hugs and kisses honeybaby!

    • Hi Rob!
      Greetings !
      I am glad that Macron stayed on with her for so long, she to probably was a little disabled Thank you For staying with her so long Macron, some pranks are Funny, some pranksters over do it. God Bless you !
      For the record I am ONLY using THE PHIL AND CHESTER Email Lol I am not Phil, I HAVE PROBLEM LOGIN INTO MY OWN EMAIL http:/, Bye! From your friend Mike in BELIZE
      One LOVE !!

      • Mike Belize Lol, not Phil 29th January 2017 @ 10:37 pm

        4:30 PM. Belize time, Hi Mr Macron, I just listen to the PHil and CHESTER SHOW, LOL ! I WAS re-broadcasting it but Mixlr keep focking around, For the record Macron, I have no bad intention against you, Phil was just kidding, he knows that i am in Belize, he even got my 2 private phone numbers, My best wishes to you and yours always ! Cheers Mate! My 2 favorite people on Mixlr Lunchlady. And Macron ! Yes I no that some people have multiple Mixlr account and fake names, does are the snakes you got to watch, your friend On one acc , same person is your enemy in another fake acc. God Bless !

  3. SuperFunRapperMassagerGuy42069 1st February 2017 @ 7:59 am

    6 hours!?!? Good thing I have 3 days off…

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