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This Is Not Normal

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This Is Not Normal

Something a little different this week, something a little more spicy, something a little more weird. First of all the over-eaters kindly gave me their moderator code again so we spent the first part of the show just having fun with that. We also dealt with a few complainers too including a man who did not understand how expiry dates work, an Amazon customer who does not like video games, a very angry man who had to wait 20 whole minutes to get his food served to him and we dealt with a very special guy who was not at all happy with the service from his delivery company, and also just happens to like live streaming on Twitch dressed up as a giant furry bat. You think we’re kidding too. This show was filled with laughs and great banter so thank you to everyone that took part, helped with numbers, found us weird people to call or did some on-the-fly sound editing for me. You guys all rock. Join us next time for more mayhem folks! Thank you as always to our kind supporters, all the people that listened live on YouTube and everyone checking out our podcast. I love you very much and keep it locked to where Ron will be doing more supporter’s shows at BuyMeACoffee!

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