Thirsty Cleats And Caffeinated Hairy Teats – 02/19/18

Thirsty Cleats And Caffeinated Hairy Teats – 02/19/18

This show features Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess in yet another 5 damn hours of solid madness. I think the show name speaks for itself here, although actually probably not, you’re just going to have to listen to all 5 hours to understand what we went through with this week’s barrage of complainers, whiners, bad parents and confused customers. Had some great calls again in this show, highlights include a guy who was very upset about his lack of morning coffee due to the lazy night clerks, a couple of really lazy parents who paid the price for letting their smartphone be a babysitter, as well as people demanding free stuff ranging from a free wedding ring to a free car and everything in between. Thank you to all that managed to catch the live show and joined in the chat and especially big thanks to everyone that donated schmeckles towards the Macron Show cause, your support really means a great deal to me. As always we’ll be back again very soon, enjoy the podcast and please keep sharing the site with your friends!

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