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The Wontonathon – 08/29/16

The Wontonathon – 08/29/16

Another special show dedicated to helping our cat buddy Wonton and his campaign featuring Morgan and Macron. In this lengthy show we made many brand new live prank calls including calls to apartment managers about our cat problems, calls to Craigslist sellers including one incredibly creepy banchode who thought he was meeting my wife for sex. We also hosted some live rap battles featuring the one and only Tyree Sneed, who was not too happy about losing to an amateur and much much more. When this show went out live we also treated everyone to an exclusive play of the now infamous Mark Trevino telephone court case, for legal reasons this cannot be uploaded to my website or podcast so if you didn’t catch it live I’m afraid you missed your chance. Be sure to follow Macron on Mixlr to catch the full unedited shows in future Special thanks to Inked Goddess, Slug Powder and Ben for sending in numbers and lots of love to Wonton, hope you feel better soon. We’ll be back with more Macron madness very soon!

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  1. Aw shit I missed this, if you are doing any more of these rap battles can you get the feckers to rap to the beat of the supermarket background music xD

  2. Can’t believe I missed all of this talk about Morgan’s tits. I will kill myself now.

  3. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

    Mrs. Morgan sounds sexy as fuck lol

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