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The Macron Show – 04/08/16

The Macron Show – 04/08/16

Welcome to the all new This is the first show featured on the new website. Tonight I was joined by Dr Charles (and his dad!) Llama, Miss Morgan, Den Mom, Elky, JagTV, Asthma, Dr. Punchy, Lunchlady, Bitch Jones, Zax and possibly more but it’s getting hard to keep up with you all so sorry if I forgot anyone! We did some classic Craigslist calls, caused mayhem at some hotels and almost got scammed by a meth head and we also placed a fake ad for a room to rent and did some incoming calls, some with very interesting results. Thank you to all that helped and listened live and if you like what you hear please show your support and become a Macron Patreon!

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  1. Great show! I never thought I would hear Morgan, Macron and Jag together again… Good times

  2. Damn Meth head almost got us… Den Mom

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