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The Macron Show – 02/06/16

The Macron Show – 02/06/16

A truly epic show! Guest hosts were Dr. Charles, David King, Mr. Good, Xyzqwa, Dangerous Devon and a small appearance by Nashby. This was a huge show which included a bunch of great Twitter complainer calls, some classic hotel calls and a bunch of great Craigslist calls, including a call where we got a dude selling his ex girlfriend’s used panties to walk to a nearby store bathroom to meet us and tried to call security on him. We also got a Comcast complainer to wash his optical cable and woke a few unsuspecting people up from their slumber. Fantastic show, thank you so much to everyone that was involved, I hope you guys enjoy this one!

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  1. Can you get them to lick the power cable while its plugged in next time

  2. It Was great to be on the show, shame I missed the live superbowl show. I’m listening now, really funny as usual!

  3. A surprise appearance by Malt Liquor Guy! Yea! Look..Carlito has his “machine(s)” Brad has his “cactus” and now I think Macron should claim “Malt Liquor!”

    • Yeah ha ha! ”Machine” is universal tho, I think horse is from Carlito, not sure. I’ll still say horse machine ranch and if anyone says I stole it, they are correct.

  4. It’s all good, have at it! Who doesn’t love a good horse machine ranch call

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