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The Macron Show – 01/30/16

The Macron Show – 01/30/16

This show features Macron, Dr Charles, JagTV and a brand new host DD (aka Dangerous Devon, aka Deviant Devon). We attempted a few new complainer calls but mostly called up random Craigslist sellers and messed with them. We met one awesome dude who loved prank calls and I’m hoping to put on the next show with us, and one definite oddball who I suspect was jerking off to our voices. Enjoy and stay tuned for much more!

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! that was a very funny show the beats headphones and the guy with the gloves are instant classics!!!!!Malt Liquor.

  2. FUCKING HILARIOUS! You should have continued the show for hours with that malt liquor guy, that was some funny shit! Laughed loud as hell few times… I’m ”wearin a fuckin hat” ”Where is your wife’s voice again” hahahaha ”Your voice is fake” haha

  3. You guys are liars. You’re probably not even from Arizona. MALT LIQUOR!

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