Macron Show Prank Calls

The Macron Show – 01/02/16

The Macron Show – 01/02/16

All the ingredients were right there for this show. We had Macron, Dr. Charles, Mr Good (Andy), General Secretary Xyzqwa and Aussiejack. We had even managed to track down a crazy guy from Liveleak and we were ready with a whole bunch of new Twitter complainers. Sadly hardly anybody wanted to pick up the phone. We tried and tried for 2+ hours and got mostly ringing. Towards the end there was a hilarious call regarding helicopters and ham so look out for that one. I guess this was a bad night to pick for pranks though. Still, much more coming up soon!

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  1. Nice one! Good intro music!

  2. hey man are you and mistress morgan ever gonna do a show again?

    Sorry, I’m not involved in the community, I sort of have a life and therefore I don’t wanna talk to people on the internet, and I really don’t give a fuck about drama. I just listen to this shit when I draw. But you guys were awesome together and I need more background noise to consume

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