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The Macron Files Episode 3 – Multi Level Marketing – 07/28/18

The Macron Files Episode 3 – Multi Level Marketing – 07/28/18

In this all new episode of The Macron Files Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess tackle the subject of multi level marketing, including what it is, who does it and what we all think of it. The pitfalls and the perils, the pros and the cons (mostly cons) and share our own experiences and knowledge of the subject. Chumley learns that his favourite nutritional drink is part of a MLM scheme, Macron learns the true depths these companies will go to and Inked learns just how crazy her co-hosts are. We then go on to have some fun with a lady selling very overpriced clothes on Facebook live and we get an actual MLM lady to give us her full sales pitch in order to learn a lot more about how things work. We hope that as always The Macron Files was both entertaining and educational for everyone, we sure learned a lot and had lots of fun. Stay tuned as this weekend’s adventures are far from over!

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