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The Macron Files Episode 2 – Depression And Anxiety – 05/11/18

The Macron Files Episode 2 – Depression And Anxiety – 05/11/18

This very special show features Macron, Chumley, InkedGoddess and Dr Charles as we tackle the subject of depression, anxiety and addiction. This is a talk only show where we each share our own stories and also invited several listeners on to tell their’s. This was a very hard show for me to put together and I put a lot of heart and soul into trying to help a few people and break down some taboos regarding mental health issues, something which I am very passionate about. Please take the time to listen to this podcast if you can as I hope it will help not only those going through these issues but also people who have friends and family in this position. Anyone that wants to reach out and talk about anything can contact me any time at and I will always respond. I hope you appreciate what we tried to do with this show and I hope it helped at least one person. I love and appreciate everyone that listens to the Macron Show and I hope you stay strong and live your best life. We will be back to our usual pranks very very soon so stay tuned and blessings to you all.

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  1. Great reality show Macron! ✌
    GOD BLESS ! ✌

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