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The M-Files Episode 2 – Time Travel And Chupacabra Meat – 08/05/18

The M-Files Episode 2 – Time Travel And Chupacabra Meat – 08/05/18

In this exciting second instalment of the M-Files Special Agents Macron and Chumley tackle some fresh complainers with an X-Files themed twist, at least that’s the idea anyway. Amongst many great calls we tried to help a lady get a refund and avoid a nasty accident using the power of time travel, we spoke to a lady who may have eaten tainted North Korean chupacabra meat and cottage cheese, we try to help a lady who got her car cursed by Indians after killing a sacred deer, spoke to a lady who had her burger bitten by a werewolf but was too drugged up to speak to us about it and dealt with a very big girl who broke her chair and had a serious gas problem. We also played a game of Rick And Morty Madlibs and generally had a super fun time. We even played everyone’s favourite song at the end of the show thanks to our kind donators and of course we told more than one person to shut up. Thank you to everyone that listened live and joined in the fun, everyone listening to the podcast and especially all the kind donators who supported us. We love you guys so much and we lots more content to come!

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