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The Freak Show – 08/31/18

The Freak Show – 08/31/18

A show featuring nothing but a bunch of freaks! And Macron and Chumley and InkedGoddess of course. This time most of the people we called seemed incredibly angry and confused and aggressive that somebody had dared to call their phone, never mind that they all made complaints to various corporate offices demanding a call back, oh no, these people grunted, shrieked, yelled and generally went off just because they received a phone call. We also had a woman who called repeatedly about getting her money back from Wish, and managed to get a “double ducks” call to Lenny! We also had a guy who didn’t like the service at Ruby Tuesday and is on his way down there to give Hot Dog Mike a good slapping, and lots and lots of other crazy freaks and mutants. Thank you as always to our kind supporters, we couldn’t do it without you guys! Also shoutout to everyone that caught the show live both on Mixlr and Youtube and everyone listening to the podcast. We just broke our own record for the number of shows in one month for August! On top of that we’ve been live streaming our old shows and playing some best of clip shows too and we aim to keep it all going right through September too so stay tuned for lots more from us!

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