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The End Of Prank Call Station – 04/02/16

The End Of Prank Call Station – 04/02/16

This was a very emotional show for me. Originally I didn’t plan to put this on the podcast or this website but I figured this was such an important show that it should be here. At the time I was going through some very rough stuff and with the whole network thing not really working for me I had originally decided to quit. I ended up making this very special show which tells the entire story of my prank call career as well as revealing what really went on over at Prank Call Nation when I left. Several truths were exposed and the reaction I got to this show was incredible. So many people urged me not to quit that I decided to just kill the network and continue on with the Macron Show only (with special guest hosts always welcome of course). This is nearly 2 hours of just me talking followed by a few prank calls to end things but it certainly got emotional for me. I really appreciate the outpouring of support this generated and I genuinely love and appreciate everyone that contacted me after this. I’m leaving this here as a constant reminder of why I should never quit and for people to know the truth about my story.

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  1. Hi Macron

    I love all you guys within the prank call community, you are one cool guy in relation to prank calls. I left a voicemail on your show and I may of mentioned Brad and his book as I noticed a video from yourself on youtube. I wasn’t aware of the issues that happened in the past and I thought there was some joke thing going on but now listening to your podcast it has cleared some things up.

    I love all you prank guys, each person has their own style in relation to pranking.

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