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The Ebola Guy Sneezed On The Desert Penguin – 01/26/19

The Ebola Guy Sneezed On The Desert Penguin – 01/26/19

Abandoned by his heartless co-hosts who for some reason think it’s okay to have a life outside of the show (happy birthday Corporate!) Macron sets out all alone to tackle the world of complainers and conference freaks again. I hope you enjoy the special intro to this show, produced by Macron and MCSARay this will hopefully be the first of many crazy new prank call songs! This time poor sweet Macron has to deal with crazy racism at Panera Bread, a silly woman who didn’t glue and tape her radiator hose on properly, multiple unhappy Jeep owners for some reason, more drama with Sears home warranty and Macron also tackles a serious issue with some recent Dominos customers including one lady who’s desert penguin got sneezed on by an employee with ebola. We finish up this show by basically going crazy on some Facebook live streams and conferences, thanks to MCSARay for that! Thank you to our kind supporters, all the people that listened live on Mixlr and YouTube and everyone checking out our podcast. I love you very much and keep it locked to where hopefully Macron will one day have some friends.

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  1. When that lady mentioned desert penguin I almost died laughing like Macron. Funny as can be, like always! Great job

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