The Day The Complaints Died – 08/08/18

The Day The Complaints Died – 08/08/18

A somber day indeed Macron fans 🙁 The title of this show comes from the fact that as of today a certain site where we have been harvesting our famous complainers from them has finally added some security to their site and patched a few flaws that were enabling us to really go nuts with getting complainers. This is a big problem indeed but we had all talked about it happening and we are already making plans, but worry not as the shows will continue regardless, we will always find a way! This show featured Macron, Chumley, Chimbles and our new host Gaspian (from Caspiar). We still managed to deal with a whole bunch of complainers anyway but we also made some Craigslist calls, some hotel calls and caused mayhem with some conferences with some great results. We even got in a lengthy Lenny call too. Special thank you to all the super kind people who have donated recently and allowed us to really turbo charge the shows, we will not be slowing down! Please help us out my continuing to share everywhere you go and sharing your favourite shows and calls via YouTube. We have lots more shows to come and Macron will also be doing some Twitch streaming for you soon and keep an eye on the Mixlr for the special Chumley shows too, plus a lot more surprises we haven’t announced yet.

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