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Blow On My Whistle – 07/30/18

Blow On My Whistle – 07/30/18 We’re back once again with Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess to celebrate national cheesecake day and national whistleblowers day! Actually no this show is just to make up for the missed show we promised yesterday, but those days are real you can look it up. On this show we dealt with a brand new batch of complainers, from broken fridges, dangerous phone cables, wet floors, overpriced car rentals and fights at fast food joints this show has it all! As usual a lot of people just don’t want to help themselves which forces us to have to hang up on them. At least one silly person even went and called the cops for some reason. Still we try our best. Thank you to everyone that caught the show live, especially those kind folks who donated to our cause, we love and appreciate you all and…