Macron Show Prank Calls

Waffle House


The Pre Super Bowl Washout – 02/04/17

The Pre Super Bowl Washout – 02/04/17 I named this show after only just realising the Super Bowl is tomorrow and because hardly any of the complainers we called picked up. We shall make up for this with a new Super Bowl special show tomorrow. This show featured Macron, Ben, Inked Goddess, Marvici from Marvici’s Madhouse and sadly just a special announcement from Dr. Charles that he is retiring from the show for good. We love you Dr. C, you had a great run and we hope to have you back as a guest one day. For this show we had an incredible amount of Twitter complainers lined up, sadly most of whom decided not to pick up when we called. This forced us to move on to some hotels, restaurants and other random calls. A lot of fun was still had. Macron challenged Marvici to a rap battle again…


Macron’s Suicide Squad – 07/17/16

Macron’s Suicide Squad – 07/17/16 Macron forms a suicide squad to take over the world! I know the movie isn’t quite out yet but I was too excited to wait. This was a VERY special show in that it featured the triumphant return of the one and only Mistress Morgan! Also featured with Macron were Dr. Charles, Train Wreck and JagTV. In this show we attempted some complainers only none of the decided to pick up, so we quickly switched to dealing with some lost drones, a celebrity call to the infamous Nate Dog of Nate Dog Cellular, we disrupted another radio show with our nonsensical sports talk, bothered some more hotel guests and caused mayhem at many Waffle House’s amongst other things. It was very awesome to have Mistress Morgan back after all this time. Keep it locked to for much more!


The Macron Show – 04/23/16

The Macron Show – 04/23/16 Another crazy Macron Show for your listening pleasure. Guests were Dr. Charles, Llama, Asthma, Oliver Prime, Devon, Dr. Punchy, Mr. Good and Elky. In this show we called a bunch of members of a bridge club and accused them of various misdemeanours and got some great reactions. We had some fun at the Waffle House and then made sure some Planet Fitness Lunk alarms were working okay. Many thanks to all involved this show was a lot of fun and Macron will be back very soon with more!


Macron’s Midweek Mayhem – 03/09/16

Macron’s Midweek Mayhem – 03/09/16 Wow this show quickly descended into complete chaos. It started innocently enough, Macron and Llama did some incoming Craigslist calls from people wanting our free Xbox and some calls to customers of a storage company. We were then joined by a whole host of crazy people including Dr. Charles, Xyzqwa, Carbon, Corey Trevor, Lunch Lady, Oliver Prime, Radical Edd and Steven Aspinwall. There were gimp masks, butt plugs and more. Things quickly descended into abusing hotel guests and receptionists and culminated in utter chaos at a Waffle House, for which I probably should apologise for now. This show was a little slice of madness, hope you all enjoy!