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Prank Wars Episode IX: Return Of Jeremy – 05/04/19

Prank Wars Episode IX: Return Of Jeremy – 05/04/19 Yeah you read that right! May the 4th and Star Wars and all that stuff. This show features the incredible return of Jeremy From Corporate along with Macron, MCSARay, IMC and Dani The Prank Call Bitch! For some reason many people did not want to pick up the phone today, possibly because of the late start. Nevertheless we all persevered and forced some really crazy people to pick up and talk to us including several more people we try to help with the now infamous Ellen Degeneres scam, we argue with a guy about football coupons, we throw a woman out of a clothes store, we have issues with some former employees and we deal with a grouchy woman who may or may not have put a bug in her own cottage cheese, and lots lots more. We also disrupt some…


Don’t Use The Force Luke – 08/23/17

Don’t Use The Force Luke – 08/23/17 I’m just gonna start right off by saying we pranked Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, on this show! I did the whole Comcast routine on him, you’ll just have to listen. Mark I am very very sorry and I love you! Please don’t sue me as I have no money! This show also featured Macron, Jeremy from corporate and Deloris, oh and Mr. Fucking Lahey John Dunsworth did a little promo for us when we called him, what a show! Still kind of in shock that all this happened. We also did a whole big batch of complainer calls and some hotel calls to make up for the lack of a show last Saturday. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as we did, we will be back very soon with more! Love you all!