Macron Show Prank Calls



The Launch Party – 06/02/18

The Launch Party – 06/02/18 Welcome to the specially extended launch party show! Featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess as celebrate all things skeleton replacement! Actually not really this is just about 7 hours of us handling complaints as usual, but that is a real website and we are now using it to direct all our skeleton replacement customers and donors! This show has an extended piece by a definite real life meth head, fights at convenience stores, some red hot Chimbles action, lots of terrible fast food service, a couple that had to move their Kit Kat bars and couldn’t get special treatment on an airline, somehow, and many many more awesome complaints and crazy tweaker people. Thank you as always to all our donators for making this an extra long show and never letting me get off the air and to everyone who listened live and everyone listening via…