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Cucking At The Bridge Club – 05/21/17

Cucking At The Bridge Club – 05/21/17 A shorter show this week and no longer on the stupid schedule. So to be honest with you guys I got a little stick of having to make the exact same show time every week, it becomes kind of a chore. We’re now going back to the good old days of just doing shows whenever we feel like. You can expect shorter but more frequent shows from now on and hopefully they will be even more fun! This show features Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess calling up some classic complainers, our friends in Seat Tac, some motels and then some more bridge clubs, where we tried to arrange some fun nights of cuckoldry. Thank you to everyone that listened live and especially those who have supported our campaign to get Macron over to the States to visit the Sea Tac Crest Motor Inn! We…