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Mondays With Macron – 10/21/19

Mondays With Macron – 10/21/19 Mondays With Macron again and this time Ron, Ray, DS and Cherry Bomb try something a little different. This mostly involved Ron doing crazy scambaiting calls whilst Ray and DS got several people fired on a live stream. We also threw in a few good old complainer calls. This time we convinced a scammer that Ron was going out to buy him some gift cards and somehow ended up shooting up the whole store, we completely confuse some tech support scammers and Ron has to make a serious complaint about his refund. We also broke the bad news to a very unhappy Comcast customer that they won’t have Internet until December, we yell at Ray a lot and get our special message of the day. Oh and also we try to convince another member of staff at the Sea Tac to change their desktop wallpaper……

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