Macron Show Prank Calls



Revenge Of The Rednecks – 06/24/18

Revenge Of The Rednecks – 06/24/18 Back once again like the crazy maniacs we are Macron and Chumley do another epic long show to end a great weekend of pranks thanks to our awesome supporters. Named this show after a very special little guy with more than a few hangups on racial issues, listen to find out all about it. We also had some very angry complainers who for some strange reason seem to be able to hear us when we’re on hold including multiple fast food complaints as usual, problems at the dollar store, people getting fired, arguments about cable, water companies making a big mess (more of a YOU problem tbh) and much much more. As always thank you so much to our supporters, people who listened live and everyone listening to the podcast. We will be back again very soon. Love you all!