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Prank To The Future – Part 2

Prank To The Future – Part 2 It’s that special date again, October 21st. The date that Marty went to the future in Back To The Future Part 2. Only now that was 5 years ago and only we seem to care about it, but it’s 5 years since we did the original Prank To The Future and we felt it was time for a sequel. This time around we convince a lady to speak to her younger self in order to cancel some insurance, we speak to an older and a younger version of Tyrone and we have some very bad news about the future for one lady expecting a package from Wish. And lots more silly time travel related nonsense. Join us on October 21st 2025 for Prank To The Future Part 3! If you watch the show on YouTube please be sure to smash the new JOIN…