Macron Show Prank Calls



Macron Sends Out Shartil – 03/05/19

Macron Sends Out Shartil – 03/05/19 This crazy episode of The Macron Show features MCSARay, IMC and Shawn Taylor as we create a brand new f*cked up Pokemon called Shartil, attempt to deal with every complainer on the Internet, talk some sense into some conference people and the short lived three way romance between Sylvia at the Sea Tac, IMC and Macron comes crashing to the ground. We also got 2 messages of the day from Jeff, found a lady who was created in a lab using octopus DNA, A Fallout 76 player crying about getting his account banned (by us) and so, so much more. You’ll just have to listen to all 6 hours to catch the entire epic saga. We’ll be back very soon with some more very special surprises! Thank you as always to our kind supporters, all the people that listened live on Mixlr and YouTube…


PokeRon Go – 07/23/16

PokeRon Go – 07/23/16 Welcome Pokemon Go Fans! This show features Macron, Mistress Morgan and Dr Charles. In this show we say goodbye to Dr Charles for a little while as he is going off to have a baby! Congrats Dr C! This show featured a few classic complainer / hold music trick calls with a very perplexed old lady who was unhappy at the behaviour from her airline, and a Comcast customer who didn’t like what we said whilst he was on hold. We also called in to good old Talkshoe and because this was supposed to be a Pokemon themed show we called a few businesses to ask about Pokemon and Pokestops. Some great calls in this one, particularly the very successful Twitter complainer calls. Thank you to everyone that managed to listen live and especially Mistress Morgan and Dr Charles, great fun was had by all and…

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