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AC Chicken And Plenty Of Fish – 04/15/18

AC Chicken And Plenty Of Fish – 04/15/18 This show features Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess handling the serious business of all the world’s complaints. Great pickup rate in this show, suddenly everyone seemed to want to talk to us. We had hotel rooms with fried chicken in the air conditioning, a Plenty Of Fish dating site scammer from Guam, a mother and daughter team caught red handed trying to change the price tags on items in a hobby store and some seriously angry car owners. Lot’s of successful classic hold tricks and some excellent supervising going on from everyone, this show was a blast. As always thank you to the kind people who donated to the cause to keep things going, everyone that listened live and joined in the fun and all of you listening on the podcast, we love you all and we’ll be back once again later in…