Macron Show Prank Calls



The MusTard Massacre – 08/04/18

The MusTard Massacre – 08/04/18 This show was a whole giant clusterf*ck and no mistake! Featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess we tried to just do a normal show handling a bunch of fresh complainers and instead ended up dealing with Chimbles, who after last night’s escape and kidnapping then decided to wreak havoc in our precious Discord server. We also had a lady who tried to cash in on her kid being injured at a waterpark, dealt with various crazy food complaints, completely derailed a rageaholics conference and then had a woman dispatch a whole team of soldiers to take out her dodgy Tinder date. I’m not making any of this up, there was a whole incident, the hotdogs were dry and the cheesecake was expired too. It was the perfect way to celebrate national mustard day though so there’s that. We want to say a very special thank you…