Macron Show Prank Calls



Lenny’s Double Duck Labia Weekend Extravaganza – 09/03/18

Lenny’s Double Duck Labia Weekend Extravaganza – 09/03/18 Happy Labia Day 2018 people! Thank you to everyone that spent it with Macron and Chumley, we had a blast! We also broke a new record today by getting quadruple ducks on Lenny! If you don’t know what this means then it sucks for you, get listening! We also shut down 3 different conferences with our nonsense this time including fat people, smokers and skin pickers (eew). We also dealt with our usual crowd of crazy complainers and whiners, lots of people wanting their money back for some reason, none of them could understand that we wanted to keep the money, which is really weird. Macron also got yelled at by a real army colonel on Labor day! Because Chumley got called away to work Macron even ended up doing a bunch of solo calls, which hasn’t happened for a while, apparently…