Macron Show Prank Calls

john travolta


Macron Vs Officer Innocence – 10/14/18

Macron Vs Officer Innocence – 10/14/18 Justin Roiland I apologise again!! Hi everyone welcome to another crazy episode of the Macron show. This week Macron handles the business of all the world’s complainers including more fast food problems, a lady cashing bad checks, another prison phone customer, an attempted firing at Chilli’s (and an encounter with fake Officer Innocence!) and a family taking inappropriate photos on their cruise, plus a whole bunch more. Then Macron and the gang proceed to hijack a bunch more conferences and read them the 12 steps of Ron before proceeding with some celebrity calls. This time we manage to get Joss Whedon on the phone, we tell JonTron his YouTube is being shut down, we call 100% real Jim Carrey and try our damn best to get Justin Roiland on the phone (his mom is so sweet, call me Justin!) and then after all this…