Macron Show Prank Calls



Macron Shamelessly Hocks The Merchandise – 05/20/19

Macron Shamelessly Hocks The Merchandise – 05/20/19 Welcome back to this very special show to celebrate the launch of our brand new merch store and the taking of pre-orders for the Macron Show Album! There was also a big reunion as Jeremy and InkedGoddess did some calls together for the first time in AGES! They were joined by MCSARay and Macron obviously, there was a lot of ringing during this show for some reason but we did get lots of crazy people including a man complaining about his shoes, a man who didn’t want to buy old tyres or ones made of hemp, a guy who didn’t want lots of extra random items with his phone case, a man who set of his own burglar alarm and many other people who got all angry at hearing their own voices say the wrong thing. We also completely ruined some auctions and…


Don’t Cry, Shitwolf – 10/21/17

Don’t Cry, Shitwolf – 10/21/17 A special show this week to commemorate the life of Mr. John Dunsworth AKA Mr. Lahey from Trailer Park Boys who very sadly passed away this week just a month after being on this very show, and also Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip. Featuring Macron, Jeremy and InkedGoddess we placed some ads for a free TV and tried to get people to come to an actual trailer park. We also handled all the world’s complainers once again and got drunk as fuck in the process to honour our much loved trailer park supervisor. Thank you so much to everyone that supported this week and everyone that joined in the live show. Much love to everyone involved with Trailer Park Boys and to John’s family during this difficult time. We hope we did you proud shit hawk and we hope you’re enjoying a little drinky…


Trouble At Dick’s – 08/27/17

Trouble At Dick’s – 08/27/17 Back again already! This show features Macron, Inkedgoddess and Jeremey From Corporate. This time as well as our usual collection of awesome complainer calls we also placed an ad for some free Beats headphones and then had a bunch of people all meet at the same place (Dick’s) to see how that would go down, confusion and hilarity ensued. We also dealt with a bunch of fast food complaints, a woman who’s daughter’s hair got all messed up and someone who was very rude about her missing pizza delivery. A lot of fun was had by all and we will be back once again very soon with more! Love you all and have a great week!  


Don’t Use The Force Luke – 08/23/17

Don’t Use The Force Luke – 08/23/17 I’m just gonna start right off by saying we pranked Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, on this show! I did the whole Comcast routine on him, you’ll just have to listen. Mark I am very very sorry and I love you! Please don’t sue me as I have no money! This show also featured Macron, Jeremy from corporate and Deloris, oh and Mr. Fucking Lahey John Dunsworth did a little promo for us when we called him, what a show! Still kind of in shock that all this happened. We also did a whole big batch of complainer calls and some hotel calls to make up for the lack of a show last Saturday. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as we did, we will be back very soon with more! Love you all!