Macron Show Prank Calls



Macron Is Not Dead- 10/05/16

Macron Is Not Dead – 10/05/16 The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated! Macron Is Not Dead! This show featured Macron and JagTV causing our usual blend of havoc, firstly with some Twitter complainers, then a couple of Wafflehouses and then utter mayhem at some long stay hotels. Macron had to take a little break to get some things in order, but the Macron Show is far from done yet! Hope you all enjoyed this show, thanks to everyone that listened live and supported us. We hope to be back this Friday with more fun and hopefully a little song that Jag and Macron have been working on together. It’s gonna be awesome. Macron loves you all, stay tuned!


Deltagate – 08/13/16

Deltagate – 08/13/16 The Deltagate special show! Featuring Macron (obviously!) Dr Charles, JagTV, Mistress Morgan and the return of Llama. In this show we decided to take advantage of this week’s computer meltdown at Delta airlines by harvesting a whole bunch of people complaining about them on Twitter. We had some very successful calls and possibly made things a whole lot worse for Delta, including telling one lady that Delta was attacked by Chinese hackers, her plane had been repaired with duct tape and there was a gremlin on the side of the plane. One couple was very upset that we suggested letting their 11 year old fly alone was irresponsible and several people did not like our new no refunds policy. Later in the show we called a few angry rednecks and then made a call to the infamous Danny (aka malt liquor guy) who still refuses to hang…


Macron’s Suicide Squad – 07/17/16

Macron’s Suicide Squad – 07/17/16 Macron forms a suicide squad to take over the world! I know the movie isn’t quite out yet but I was too excited to wait. This was a VERY special show in that it featured the triumphant return of the one and only Mistress Morgan! Also featured with Macron were Dr. Charles, Train Wreck and JagTV. In this show we attempted some complainers only none of the decided to pick up, so we quickly switched to dealing with some lost drones, a celebrity call to the infamous Nate Dog of Nate Dog Cellular, we disrupted another radio show with our nonsensical sports talk, bothered some more hotel guests and caused mayhem at many Waffle House’s amongst other things. It was very awesome to have Mistress Morgan back after all this time. Keep it locked to for much more!


Blackman Lives Matter – 07/09/16

Blackman Lives Matter – 07/09/16 This show features Macron as always along with Dr. Charles and JagTV. In honour of recent events we called up people selling guns in Dallas, but not real guns, we found paintball guns, airsoft guns, nail guns, glue guns and Nintendo guns of course! We also called a local hotel and caused chaos with loads of guests and revisited some old complainers to see how they were doing. Don’t miss the end of the show after Jag leaves to go to a nightclub and Macron manages to call up the club and get him on the line, and he was a massive jerk about it! Thanks to all that listened live on the Mixlr machine. I promise it will definitely not be so long before the next show this time! Stay tuned to for more Macron mayhem!