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The Interview – 11/17/18

The Interview – 11/17/18 This show features Macron, Corporate and InkedGoddess back once again with the best of the Internet’s complainers. This week we got a lengthy complaint about hair at Red Lobster, a crazy lady who just couldn’t order the right furniture, a man who accidentally cancelled all his papers forever when he went on vacation, and a very long call from a guy who really wanted to come work for us but struggled with our crazy interview questions. We also hung out with the fans and invaded some more conferences and generally had a lot of fun! As…


Scientrollogy – 03/25/17

Scientrollogy – 03/25/17 A very special show featuring Macron, Dr. Charles, Ben, InkedGoddess and we were joined by Mr. Mike Rinder, former member of the Church of Scientology and star of Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie as well the TV series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath! We were honoured to have Mike on at the start of the show for an exclusive interview where we talked not only about Scientology but also comedy and life in general and a few other surprises. It was an amazing interview and not to be missed and we were all very thankful to…


Macron Interviewed On The Phil And Chester Show – 01/29/17

Macron Interviewed On The Phil And Chester Show – 01/29/17 Silent Jay joins Phil to interview Macron from The Macron Show, as well as covering a millennial rant by Chad Prather, Belize’s promotion, Jay’s NASCAR story, Phil’s latest purchases, Jay’s cheesesteak dilemma, news/sports, an Audible update and much, much more! Macron is on at around the 26 minute mark! Click here to listen now!

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