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The Macron Files Episode 2 – Depression And Anxiety – 05/11/18

The Macron Files Episode 2 – Depression And Anxiety – 05/11/18 This very special show features Macron, Chumley, InkedGoddess and Dr Charles as we tackle the subject of depression, anxiety and addiction. This is a talk only show where we each share our own stories and also invited several listeners on to tell their’s. This was a very hard show for me to put together and I put a lot of heart and soul into trying to help a few people and break down some taboos regarding mental health issues, something which I am very passionate about. Please take the…


Chumley’s Birthday Blowout – 04/12/18

Chumley’s Birthday Blowout – 04/12/18 Happy Birthday Chumley! This show features Chumley (obviously!) as well as Macron, InkedGoddess and a little dash of Dr. Charles as we celebrate the one and only Chumley’s birthday in style. We called a whole bunch of crazy complainers with some great results, from people wanting free money for their bad fried chicken to some woman spending $6000 on air conditioning and many many more. We also hijacked some more conferences who, despite our best efforts, still don’t seem to want to let us join in. We also had a great deal of fun together…

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