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Mondays With Macron – 10/28/19

Mondays With Macron – 10/28/19 Another amazing Mondays With Macron this week and what a way to go out of Octember! This week we had Ron, Ray, DS, Smizzy, Brent and the one and only InkedGoddess! As usual we delve head first into the world of online complainers and boy did we get some real winners this time including a T-Mobile customer who didn’t want to get his service cut off, an ESPN fan who lost his entire fantasy basketball team, a group of Christians who chose to abuse poor sweet Ray for no reason, a farmer who won’t get of his tractor for us, a man who found the contents of Jason’s colostomy bag inside his chips, a Comcast customer who’s tree destroyed the cable lines and many more. We also called some scammers who wanted to marry InkedGoddess, fired a bunch of people and observed a very strange…


Adventures In The First World – 06/30/19

Adventures In The First World – 06/30/19 In this exciting show of mostly ringing Macron, MCSARay, InkedGoddess and DownSouth attempted to put some random ads on Craigslist to get people to call in, but they really didn’t seem interested in our bullshit today so instead we had to deal with a bunch of whiny people and their first world problems, such as the man who’s whole world came crumbling down because there wasn’t enough cinnamon on his special crackers, Macron goes all cable guy on a man who complained that nobody would answer the phone and then wouldn’t answer his phone, we meet a man who simply isn’t happy with just a half price pizza, a lady who went out and ordered two dinners, a lady who lost her shit because they didn’t have the right kind of steak and various other overly entitled assholes. The office door had to…


Macron Shamelessly Hocks The Merchandise – 05/20/19

Macron Shamelessly Hocks The Merchandise – 05/20/19 Welcome back to this very special show to celebrate the launch of our brand new merch store and the taking of pre-orders for the Macron Show Album! There was also a big reunion as Jeremy and InkedGoddess did some calls together for the first time in AGES! They were joined by MCSARay and Macron obviously, there was a lot of ringing during this show for some reason but we did get lots of crazy people including a man complaining about his shoes, a man who didn’t want to buy old tyres or ones made of hemp, a guy who didn’t want lots of extra random items with his phone case, a man who set of his own burglar alarm and many other people who got all angry at hearing their own voices say the wrong thing. We also completely ruined some auctions and…


The Second Annual InkedGoddess Birthday Bonanza! – 03/20/19

The Second Annual InkedGoddess Birthday Bonanza! – 03/20/19 Happy birthday to the goddess of prank calls! This year we celebrate again in the usual way by servicing a whole fresh bunch of crazy complainers with Macron and MCSARay too. This time we deal with a massive weiner at the Steak and Shake, a pervert who wants to stare at the figure skaters on TV, a man who nearly blew himself up with some batteries, we get a lady to re-heat her over cooked burger and we got a special birthday message from the Sea Tac Crest and our best friend Jeffy, and loads loads more! Thank you as always to our kind supporters, all the people that listened live on Mixlr and YouTube and everyone checking out our podcast. I love you very much and keep it locked to where Macron will be trying to recover from this week…