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indian scammer


Kitchen People – 08/12/18

Kitchen People – 08/12/18 This show features Macron and Chumley and Chimbles and Gaspian calling a whole bunch of fresh complainers, as well as re-visiting some classic crazy people. We had a particularly irate couple who didn’t want their car repaired in Octember for some strange reason, we had an Indian scammer who didn’t like being scammed and later Ron and Chimbles attempted to resolve their relationship issues by calling a relationship conference, things quickly took a turn for the worst though. Big thank you to all our supporters, with a special thank you to King Superkind who made some insane donations, and made Macron dance for his money! Thank you to everyone that has been catching the live shows recently and everyone listening on the podcast, we love each and every one of you and we’ll be back very soon!