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What’s Up Me – 09/22/18

What’s Up Me – 09/22/18 Hi everyone Macron and InkedGoddess are back once again with a whole fresh batch of nutty complainers! This week we got a fat couple who were very unhappy about their order getting messed up at the McDonalds, a male prostitute who was blacklisted from buying more guns, a lady trying to fix her antenna by putting it on her head and a lady who tried to fix her phone by following Macron’s recipe for rice pizza, and many many more awesome complaints. We then wrapped things up by teaming up with our Discord mob to…


InkedGoddess And Macron Take Flight – 08/23/18

InkedGoddess And Macron Take Flight – 08/23/18 In this special little extra show InkedGoddess and Macron mostly pretend to be from various airlines and try to deal with a whole bunch of whining complainers who are always super unhappy about their delayed flights, lack of free cuddle blankets and having to walk all the way to Starbucks themselves. One parent of the year abandoned her family holiday to go to a concert and then cried at the airport when her flight was delayed. Another monster demanded multiple first class tickets in order to help them get over the extreme trauma…


Soft Teeth – 08/10/18

Soft Teeth – 08/10/18 We’re back again, yes with more complainers, featuring Macron and Chumley in action dealing with all the world’s greatest whiners as well as causing trouble at hotel rooms by asking to host the monthly staff meeting in guests rooms and also disrupting several conferences. This time we had a lady who got a terrible rash from skin cream purchased from Sea World, a couple who still want their free phones from MetroPCS, a really silly guy who cried at the hospital and an elderly gentleman with very soft teeth who couldn’t eat a simple bagel. As…


The Day The Complaints Died – 08/08/18

The Day The Complaints Died – 08/08/18 A somber day indeed Macron fans 🙁 The title of this show comes from the fact that as of today a certain site where we have been harvesting our famous complainers from them has finally added some security to their site and patched a few flaws that were enabling us to really go nuts with getting complainers. This is a big problem indeed but we had all talked about it happening and we are already making plans, but worry not as the shows will continue regardless, we will always find a way! This…


No Refunds – 04/09/18

No Refunds – 04/09/18 Another crazy long show yet again featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess, plus a whole bunch of whiny people demanding refunds for everything from food to shoes to flowers. Some people are just never happy, especially when we try to help them. On top of the big heap of complainers we also managed to hijack a conference call and attempted to cause more animal panic at a hotel. Also one very dumb lady stayed on the phone for ages and still wasn’t happy when Macron offered to service her sexually. No pleasing some people. Still we will…


Posting Solutions LLC RIP PLC – 01/22/18

Posting Solutions LLC RIP PLC – 01/22/18 A crazy long show, back to the old days with Macron on a Monday! This show features just Macron and Chumley doing nearly 6 hours of insane complainers calls, hotel calls and tonnes of banter and chatter too. Lots of fun doing this show as not only did we get loads of amazing results, particularly from the complainers, but everyone had a lot of fun and that’s what really counts. The show is really starting to expand now. We’ve been upgrading equipment thanks to your kind support ( Keep an eye on the…

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