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hot dog day


Hot Dog Day – 07/16/18

Hot Dog Day – 07/16/18 Happy Hot Dog Day one and all! This show sure was a blast to do! Featuring Macron and Chumley and Chimbles and Hot Dog Mike and many many great complainers we had an amazing time celebrating our completely made up on the spot thing called Hot Dog Day! Calls included a guy who fraudulently ordered 3 fax machines from Epson, in 2018! A lady who ordered many many subscriptions for a monthly delivery of leggings for some reason, some dude who tried to ship drugs and weapons to himself, some very angry food patrons and so much more. An incredible time was had by all on this most glorious of days! As always a huge thanks to our supporters and donators, everyone that listened live and everyone listening back on the podcast, we do it all for you guys! Macron and Chumley will be back…