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Strawberry Graham Crackers And Guns – 09/02/18

Strawberry Graham Crackers And Guns – 09/02/18 To kick off a fun packed September of awesome shows Macron and Chumley learn a VERY important life lesson: do not try to add strawberries to Graham Crackers, the results could be disastrous! On this show we had the listeners put out ads for some free hot dogs and had people call in about that, we handle a whole fresh batch of the world’s craziest complainers and we hijack a conference or two with some great results. This time we had a crazy alcoholic shooting off guns and raging, an old lady who caused a serious disaster with her insane Graham Cracker recipes, a guy who lost the chance to activate his new tablet because he returned the old one and multiple people who lost their online game accounts due to their perverted and racist behaviour. A lot of fun was had with…