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Half-Life 3 – 08/04/19

Half-Life 3 – 08/04/19 It’s August people! To celebrate we thought it was time to get InkedGoddess back on a show, along with Macron, MCSARay, DownSouth and Smizzle. This time around we thought we’d do something a little different and Macron decided to announce the release of Half-Life 3 to the world, or more specifically a bunch of games industry people who attended E3 this year. We had some mixed results with that so we decided to move onto some complainers including a man who had problems with his Steam card (yes we told him about Half-Life 3), a man who refused to drive around a hole in a parking lot, the tragic tale of a woman who’s chicken nuggets were slightly dry, a lady who got her drink in the wrong kind of cup, a man who made no sense at all but it was something about his phone,…