Macron Show Prank Calls



Vive La Macron – 04/29/17

Vive La Macron – 04/29/17 Just another silly show, in celebration of Macron being about to win the French Presidency Macron, Ben (AKA Jeremy), InkedGoddess and Dr. Charles decided to call up a bunch of French Restaurants and try to introduce the world to French swear words instead of Indian ones this week. Dr. Charles of course back from his stint in jail after botching Ben’s penis surgery. As well as messing with the French we of course checked in with our favorite racist motel owners (Poor Karl was out sick tonight!) and we handled another group of moody Twitter complainers with a few good results, my favorite this week being Blake who ran a fetish porn site on the sly! We also checked in with Ralph the Redneck and his girlfriend (who everyone knows is Wendy!). We also caused mayhem at another long stay hotel amongst other random calls….