Macron Show Prank Calls



Kill The Body And The Head Will Die – 01/25/18

Kill The Body And The Head Will Die – 01/25/18 Another bonkers show featuring Macron and Chumley, the second one this week and it’s not over yet! In this one we set to work on a whole bunch of new Internet complainers. It was a slow start with not a lot of people answering initially but boy did it soon pick up! The best call of the night was probably the lady with the flea infested urine soaked TV, I won’t say any more but you can catch that on YouTube shortly! As always thank you to all the people that kindly donated, listened live and generally supported us, we love you a lot for that. We hope you enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed making it and you can probably expect yet another one this weekend as Chumley and Macron have a lot of customer service business…