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Chivs Sleeps Through Her 100th Birthday – 09/08/18

Chivs Sleeps Through Her 100th Birthday – 09/08/18 Happy 100th birthday old lady Chivs! Thought we’d name this extended show after you since you fell asleep again while it was live but this is to celebrate your 100th big day! This show features Macron, Chumley, InkedGoddess and the return of Dr. Charles! Big day for everyone! This time we had a whole fresh batch of complainers, some more people with silly names as promised last time and of course we managed to totally disrupt a couple of conferences as well. This was a mixed bag including a woman who’s kid had a severe allergy and did not get the special treatment he deserved at Burger King, a guy who wanted to dictate his own phone bill and a crazy lady who did not receive her online order because she didn’t want to pay for it, or something like that, and…