Macron Show Prank Calls



Weak End Of Ringing Part 1 – 06/09/18

Weak End Of Ringing Part 1 – 06/09/18 In the first of this weekend’s special super double feature machine Macron and Chumley attempt to call another smorgasbord of complainers, most of whom were difficult to get a hold of, rude, uncooperative and definitely very difficult to deal with. We got the usual upset fast food customers, a woman who was beside herself with fury over not getting a 0.30 cent discount, dirty hotel rooms, more failed airbags on Ford cars and a whole bunch of other garbage. Since these stupid complainers made it so difficult tonight we decided to cut the show slightly shorter than usual, left a whole bunch of voicemails to get some attention and we’re going to come right back TOMORROW and do it all over again. Yes that’s right two shows for the price of one! TWO Macron shows in one weekend you lucky lucky people!…