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Am I My Mother’s Son? – 01/13/18

Am I My Mother’s Son? – 01/13/18 This show features Macron, Chumley, InkedGoddess and surprise visit from Llama. This week we learn a great deal about family dynamics and how to stop cold callers in their tracks. We dealt with more angry shoppers and fast food eaters and yet again we got yelled at for our efforts for some reason. Then this hobo Llama showed up and started bothering some hotel guests just like the good old days. A blast was had by all! Thank you to everyone that listened live and especially those who were kind enough to donate,…


Straight Outta Crumpton – 10/07/17

Straight Outta Crumpton – 10/07/17 This show just features Macron and Deloris, Ben had to suddenly flee the country over some problems, he might be back soon though. This week we focused on some very angry complainers ranging from more bad food to missing deliveries and dusty TV boxes. We had a few great results despite Macron being very sick and we still managed to do a few hours of crazy entertainment. We just launched a new competition to win an awesome Rick and Morty themed prize, look for that on all the social media pages or leave a message…


Don’t Use The Force Luke – 08/23/17

Don’t Use The Force Luke – 08/23/17 I’m just gonna start right off by saying we pranked Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, on this show! I did the whole Comcast routine on him, you’ll just have to listen. Mark I am very very sorry and I love you! Please don’t sue me as I have no money! This show also featured Macron, Jeremy from corporate and Deloris, oh and Mr. Fucking Lahey John Dunsworth did a little promo for us when we called him, what a show! Still kind of in shock that all this happened. We also did a…


Complaining And Re-Complaining Myself – 07/29/17

Complaining And Re-Complaining Myself – 07/29/17 This show features Macron, Jeremy and Deloris. Macron and Jeremy were both very sick this week and Deloris was late, but despite all of this we still made an awesome show with some great calls once again. This week we focused entirely on complainers again and tried to right all of the world’s problems, with some mixed results. We had a lot of people moaning about Burger King messing up, as well as some bad airlines, hotels and stores. As usual I don’t feel that our efforts to help were appreciated much. Thank you…


Macron And Deloris Get Unprofessionable – 07/23/17

Macron And Deloris Get Unprofessionable – 07/23/17 This week’s show just features Macron backed up by supervisor Deloris. Don’t worry though because we got some classic calls this time. Yet again Macron tries to handle the business of dealing with all the Internet’s complaints, from bad fast food to missing mail orders we have it covered. No matter how reasonable we try to be these people just don’t seem to appreciate our efforts. One particular lady told us her entire life story and despite having her issue escalated to many many different supervisors she still was not appeased! We also…


Deloris Clydetoris Handles The Business – 07/15/17

Deloris Clydetoris Handles The Business – 07/15/17 Sorry for the short break there! This show featured Macron, InkedGoddess, Jeremey from Corporate and our latest addition Deloris Clydetoris (she drives a Taurus) handling a multitude of complex complaints and problems from our secret underground corporate office lair. This time we dealt with more messed up food, broken laptops, incorrect orders and a redneck who couldn’t get a darn loan. We also gave birth to an awesome new character called Deloris! Sorry for the few technical issues we had this week, it was someone else’s fault. Thank you to everyone that listened…

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