Macron Show Prank Calls



Dia De Los Muertos – 07/20/18

Dia De Los Muertos – 07/20/18 This awesome show features Macron, Chumley and the triumphant return of the one and only InkedGoddess! On this show we called a poor guy whose Internet conduit was being blocked by the cursed sarcophagus of Imhotep forcing him to do battle with the dead in Egypt. We also had more fights at the dollar stores, a nasty altercation at the gas station, a fat couple who broke their mattress and an ATT customer of 50 years who finally got sick of their crap, to name but just a few amazing calls. The classic hold trick we invented was of course used in this show too! We want to say a huge thank you as always to our supporters and donators, everyone who listened live and everyone listening back to the podcast, we love you all so much. We will be back much sooner than…