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Cucking On Gas – 04/22/17

Cucking On Gas – 04/22/17 Another stupidly long show, mostly thanks to our new friend Ralph the Redneck. This show featured Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess. Ben once again wanted to host a cuckold party so we did our best. We started with our usual Twitter complainer customers, we then moved on to some restaurants, hotels and motels (obviously including our favourite racist motel!) and then did some classic Craiglist calls which is where we met our new pal Ralph the Redneck who wanted to talk to us for some considerable time. We actually called him twice because he was so much fun. Special mention to Scott and Jon who donated a considerable sum of money to sponsor tonight’s show, we really appreciate that! Also thanks to everyone that listened live, donated or gave us numbers, every bit of help is greatly appreciated. As always stay tuned because we have a…