Macron Show Prank Calls



Breaking Mad – 03/03/18

Breaking Mad – 03/03/18 Back again with another massive show in less than 24 hours as promised thanks to all you awesome supporters! This time we had to face the horrors of a lady who was clearly using her prescription to become an international drug dealer, a seriously angry dental patient, a couple who didn’t want to pay for their furniture and a lady who joined our wig of the month club and then didn’t want to pay for her wigs. There are some terrible people out there and it’s a good job Macron and Chumley are around to deal with them. Once again a massive thanks for all the recent support, to everyone that listened live or if you’re listening on the podcast. We’ll be back yet again sooner than you think!


Sybians And Cigarettes – 02/24/18

Sybians And Cigarettes – 02/24/18 This show features Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess and somehow nearly made it to 6 hours this time! Crazy! In this one we placed some more ads on Craigslist for free cigarettes and had people calling and texting for them throughout the whole show. For some reason not many wanted to exchange sexual favours for them or meet in fast food restrooms to get them, people are strange. We also handled the usual mess of silly complainers ranging from a couple stuck at the airport for 14 hours to a lady who rejected my offer of servicing her sexually to calm her down. Some people are just never happy with our amazing customer service, yet we will keep trying. Lots of great calls again on this show, massive thank you to everyone that caught the show live and especially the awesome people who donated schmeckles towards the…


PokeRon Go – 07/23/16

PokeRon Go – 07/23/16 Welcome Pokemon Go Fans! This show features Macron, Mistress Morgan and Dr Charles. In this show we say goodbye to Dr Charles for a little while as he is going off to have a baby! Congrats Dr C! This show featured a few classic complainer / hold music trick calls with a very perplexed old lady who was unhappy at the behaviour from her airline, and a Comcast customer who didn’t like what we said whilst he was on hold. We also called in to good old Talkshoe and because this was supposed to be a Pokemon themed show we called a few businesses to ask about Pokemon and Pokestops. Some great calls in this one, particularly the very successful Twitter complainer calls. Thank you to everyone that managed to listen live and especially Mistress Morgan and Dr Charles, great fun was had by all and…


Macron’s Midweek Mayhem – 03/09/16

Macron’s Midweek Mayhem – 03/09/16 Wow this show quickly descended into complete chaos. It started innocently enough, Macron and Llama did some incoming Craigslist calls from people wanting our free Xbox and some calls to customers of a storage company. We were then joined by a whole host of crazy people including Dr. Charles, Xyzqwa, Carbon, Corey Trevor, Lunch Lady, Oliver Prime, Radical Edd and Steven Aspinwall. There were gimp masks, butt plugs and more. Things quickly descended into abusing hotel guests and receptionists and culminated in utter chaos at a Waffle House, for which I probably should apologise for now. This show was a little slice of madness, hope you all enjoy!