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Chivs Sleeps Through Her 100th Birthday – 09/08/18

Chivs Sleeps Through Her 100th Birthday – 09/08/18 Happy 100th birthday old lady Chivs! Thought we’d name this extended show after you since you fell asleep again while it was live but this is to celebrate your 100th big day! This show features Macron, Chumley, InkedGoddess and the return of Dr. Charles! Big day for everyone! This time we had a whole fresh batch of complainers, some more people with silly names as promised last time and of course we managed to totally disrupt a couple of conferences as well. This was a mixed bag including a woman who’s kid…


Don’t Sneeze On My Taters And Tell Me It’s Raining – 09/07/18

Don’t Sneeze On My Taters And Tell Me It’s Raining – 09/07/18 Hi everyone! Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess are back in action once again with a whole fresh batch of crazy complainers, Internet idiots and this time people with silly names! We had a devout Christian who was very unhappy at the terrible events at an all you can eat buffet, a Jewish man who yelled at us about his banking woes (for some reason), a very angry redneck who did not have time to discuss his problems with us and an Indian lady who didn’t want to change her…


Lenny’s Double Duck Labia Weekend Extravaganza – 09/03/18

Lenny’s Double Duck Labia Weekend Extravaganza – 09/03/18 Happy Labia Day 2018 people! Thank you to everyone that spent it with Macron and Chumley, we had a blast! We also broke a new record today by getting quadruple ducks on Lenny! If you don’t know what this means then it sucks for you, get listening! We also shut down 3 different conferences with our nonsense this time including fat people, smokers and skin pickers (eew). We also dealt with our usual crowd of crazy complainers and whiners, lots of people wanting their money back for some reason, none of them…


Strawberry Graham Crackers And Guns – 09/02/18

Strawberry Graham Crackers And Guns – 09/02/18 To kick off a fun packed September of awesome shows Macron and Chumley learn a VERY important life lesson: do not try to add strawberries to Graham Crackers, the results could be disastrous! On this show we had the listeners put out ads for some free hot dogs and had people call in about that, we handle a whole fresh batch of the world’s craziest complainers and we hijack a conference or two with some great results. This time we had a crazy alcoholic shooting off guns and raging, an old lady who…


The Freak Show – 08/31/18

The Freak Show – 08/31/18 A show featuring nothing but a bunch of freaks! And Macron and Chumley and InkedGoddess of course. This time most of the people we called seemed incredibly angry and confused and aggressive that somebody had dared to call their phone, never mind that they all made complaints to various corporate offices demanding a call back, oh no, these people grunted, shrieked, yelled and generally went off just because they received a phone call. We also had a woman who called repeatedly about getting her money back from Wish, and managed to get a “double ducks”…


Elderbang – 08/28/18

Elderbang – 08/28/18 Macron and Chumley are back in action again with a fresh list of crazy complainers, some even crazier stuff for sale / barter on Craigslist and couple of conferences just for good measure. This time a woman keeps calling us about her unauthorised charges for her elder dating website, several people don’t like the bedbugs and mould at their cheap hotels, one lady claims that she used to run Verizon and does not like our attitude one bit and we also shut down several conferences including sex addicts and 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Thank you so much to…


Hail To The King Baby – 08/25/18

Hail To The King Baby – 08/25/18 Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess return yet again with another action packed show featuring all the world’s complainers and some crazy Craigslist folks. This show is dedicated to King Superkind who has been an incredible supporter and friend to the show, we really appreciate you sir! Tonight Hotdog Mike comes up with a genius business proposal, Chimbles tries to buy a fancy glass vase, Macron cuts off service to serval serious rude people and Chumley really loses his temper! This show was a lot of fun as always, thank you to all of our…


Donnie’s Spicy Dingler – 08/19/18

Donnie’s Spicy Dingler – 08/19/18 In another crazy long show the two crude dudes Macron and Chumley tackle a fresh batch of complainers, some crazy stuff for sale on the Craigslist machine and we takeover a few conferences and cause more mayhem. In this show we also tested out the brand new Chimbles bot as well as our new conference service, more news on these awesome features in future shows. Tonight we had multiple people who did not like the spicy chicken at Popeye’s, a guy who really hated being put on hold all the time to talk about his…


Two Rude Dudes – 08/17/18

Two Rude Dudes – 08/17/18 Macron and Chumley are back in action and ruder than ever. This week we start of with some hilarious calls to people who want to barter for things on Craigslist, we hijack some more conferences and basically cause mayhem and we then begin to tap into a whole new well of Internet complainers, more on that soon, and we get some amazing results. Who would have thought that someone would want to barter over a used soda can? Or sell their puppies for animal testing? We also had a guy who was furious with McDonalds…

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