Macron Show Prank Calls



Big Chimpin – 06/29/18

Big Chimpin – 06/29/18 Oh man he finally went there. Advance warning tonight’s intro music was only about 10 minutes long instead of the usual 20 as I was super late getting started due to some obligations, nevertheless this show was still awesome. Macron and Chumley take on the world’s complainers once again with some amazing results, a very angry lady who didn’t like the staff at the Olive Garden, a Yankee who got told he wasn’t welcome at the waffle house and a very confused man who didn’t seem to understand why his fridge broke to name but a few. Thank you as always to our supporters and live listeners and to Dani for the awesome after show, it was a blast. Despite Macron being super busy we will continue to keep up the daily Youtube videos and hope to have even more mayhem this weekend, so stay tuned…